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We’ve built a platform dedicated to helping companies
raise the capital from Investors, Customers and Friends 


Crowdadvance™ has always been a reliable, trusted source for the working capital you need to sustain, grow, enrich and enhance your business.

As a small business owner determination, passion and tenacity is a part of what makes you who you are and owning a small business ups and financial ebb and flow comes with the territory. That is where Crowdadvance™ comes in, we can help make your dreams of expansion a reality start capitalizing on the opportunities in front of you TODAY.

We Help Companies Get the Funding They Need to Grow

Crowdadvance™ has build a Crowdfunding platform
dedicated exclusively to helping companies raise capital.

Our goal is to fuel the American Dream, to form relationships with businesses that enable us to understand their needs with greater clarity and connect them with investors that will deliver the resources that will help them prosper. When small business owners have the resources to grow their businesses, they are not the only ones who benefit, communities thrive. When small business owners do well, they give back to their communities.

They fund local school programs, offer college scholarships, adopt highways, support other small businesses and the local economy. They create jobs. Which positively impacts other families, and continues to improve the community. The working capital that Crowdadvance connects business owners lives on beyond the mere transaction. It gets paid forward, creating a domino effect of growth and prosperity for individuals, and communities; today and for the future.

Meet Our Management Team

Our backgrounds encompass over 50 years of real estate, finance, technology and law experience.
Donald McGraw
Donald McGraw
Co-Founder and CEO
Gary Wingfield
Gary Wingfield
William Deveneau
William Deveneau

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